Big boards, perfect for restaurants or hotels

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Certainly, enjoyment and quality in bread are also top priority for you. Your guests are enthusiastic about fresh-smelling, still warm bread, which makes you want more with a crisp crust and a spicy crumb.

Especially in professional catering it is important that the bread cut always behaves the same. Therefore, we recommend a non-slip, stable and natural underlay, which will help you to quickly and precisely cut the same slices by hand.

The long blade of your bread knife adapts perfectly to the pleasant board size and thus allows you an optimal cutting at the 90-degree angle (dimensions: 23,62x15,75x1,57 inch). Due to the natural surface of the olive wood, the bread loaf or the bread slices do not stick and do not buckle.

The integrated crumbly grate keeps your kitchen worktop pleasantly clean and allows you to prepare your bread baskets, breadcrumbs or bread dishes. Due to the beautiful wood grain and natural design, our olive wood bread cutting board is just as suitable as a decorative and practical helper on a breakfast buffet for hotels, guesthouses or restaurants.

Even untrained succeed in cutting a slice of bread without accident.

Whether you want to go fast or look for a chic highlight for your dining room, with the original bread slicer from our olive wood collection, you are perfectly equipped. Well prepared by effective kitchen management, you will win your guests, time and joy for themselves. 

The team of wish you enjoyable moments with the right equipment out of olive wood.


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