Helpful care instructions for your olive wood products

Please do not clean the olive wood in the dishwasher!

Is a result of the harsh cleaning products and the great heat in the dishwasher

The surface of the wood dull and grayish.

By variations in temperature and moisture, the olive wood can crack.

For this reason, you should always clean the olive wood by hand.

Maintainance     "maintainance

To do this, rub the olive wood after use and depending on the dirt with a little water and detergent.

It is important: directly after the rinse to dry well

Thus, you avoid that the wood absorbs moisture.

Depending on the frequency of use should be the Olivewood regularly with cooking oil so rub the wood retains its beautiful color, while the unique grain comes into its own.

Often you can get as good as new, the surface of the olive wood long through this regular maintenance.

To rub the wood it is best to use a lint-free cloth. For best lends itself a discarded towel.

Please dose the oil sparingly. The wood should not be soaked with oil.

In general:

Protect the olive wood from extreme heat, cold, humidity and temperature variations.

heat    coldwetness humidity

We hope you enjoy me your olive wood product!

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