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Faktorei Duisburg

"In order to uphold the quality of our restaurant Faktorei Restaurant, our selection of ingredients is extremely important, for example, all local burgers are baked fresh and exclusive for us by a local BIO baker. We serve our burgers on special customized big cutting boards made out of the beautiful olivewood. "


Owner and chef Stefan Cammann



"Hello, since I am neither on Facebook nor on Twitter am, but a positive evaluation would like, I choose this way.
On the website I found no way of evaluating. So once again thanks for the help in the search for a suitable solution.
There are "Stars" stars for you.

A satisfied customer "


The chessboard is breathtaking.I was very surprised that it arrived so quickly from Germany, considering it usually takes just four days to get in Australia post.I can not wait to see my friend on his birthday I am sure he will love it ... Thank you very much :-) "


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